Tea prepares access to their souls...



It is so very interesting that each trip that I make gives another best approach to missions! This trip happened in late September & early October with two ladies from my home church in El Cajon CA. Linda & Joyce are both experts are giving teas for ladies in their homes & at large church functions. So we put together our best efforts at holding teas for the ladies of Chiclayo Peru. You might think that we went to a very small city but that would be wrong. Chiclayo is over 1 million people! It is located near the coast of the Pacific Ocean. We gave teas for three different groups. Our first group was the church plant Vida Nueva, second group was the pastors’ wives in Chiclayo, and lastly the Centro Pr Natal Nueva Esperanza ladies. What a blessing!
Each tea had its own special focus according to the intended target. The first tea centered on the many ladies that are Dorothy’s friends & could become members of the new church plant that is presently meeting in the Budd’s living room. Joyce did a great job of presenting the topic of TEA to the ladies with the subjects of tiempo (time), energia (energy or focus), & afecto (affection or love). They seemed to really get the emphasis. One lady mentioned to Glenn Budd as he escorted her to her car afterward that she really needed to get the “peace of God” into her heart.
For the pastors’ wives we pre-sented the subject of spiritual gifts in Spanish to these women & to make time to present tea to people in their sphere of influence that need to be encouraged with the things that they already have in their kitchen. All you have to do is to pour out the tea & listen to your friend! I gave a seminar on turning hardships into oppor-tunities which was a lot of fun. After the tea was over a pastors’ wife spoke up & was glad to share that the tea was a great source of encouragement to all of them.
Saturday we gave a third tea for the Crisis Pregnancy staff & what a joy that was for all three of us. We chal-lenged them with the spiritual gifts work-shop & the encouragement to be using the gifts that God had given to them to be useful in their work. I shared a seminar entitled “Staying with the Commitment” with an encouragement to do it a little at a time, to report the good news to an-other worker for personal encouragement, & to think of the long term impact. It was a great tea & lifted up their spirits.
Each of the three of us shared our testimonies on Sunday evening in a service of the church plant. My testimony focused on having had two back surgeries, two breast cancer diagnosis & other complications of that can-cer diagnosis. While that empha-sis is rather painful for me to con-sider it definitely fit in with the topic of suffering. So I was glad to share.
We spent Tuesday the entire day cleaning & organizing the Crisis Pregnancy center which was a great encourage-ment to Jules the center’s presi-dent. Lots more that we did but...
Pictured is the prenatal crisis center tea with so many that are giving their lives and time for the meeting of women with unex-pected crisis pregnancies. What a privilege to serve these ladies as they serve so many. There are reports of over 330 salvation decisions among the women that they deal with in Chiclayo.