Baby steps to career missions

Baby Steps towards career missions


v     Be born into an earthly family

v     Hear about salvation through Christ

v     Confess your sins and be born again into God?s forever family

v     Follow Christ in believer?s baptism

v     Grow in your faith by being faithful to church & youth group

v     Join a Bible believing, Bible preaching church

v     Participate in the Lord?s table as a full member of your church

v     Serve weekly in your local church in children?s ministry, youth group, ushering, church work days, etc.

v     Develop a Bible reading strategy revise and change as necessary

v     Begin your prayer life with requests for family, friends, church

v     Participate in youth group one-day mission/service opportunities in your city

v     Participate in youth group week-long mission/service out of state

v     Report back to your prayer & financial support base what you learned

v     Continue being faithful to your youth group & whole church services

v     Go on a two-week mission?s trip

v     Report back to your prayer & financial support base what you learned

v     Continue in your faithful local church ministry ? try something new you haven?t done before to stretch your horizons

v     Be a witness with your friends in school, in your neighborhood

v     Find an adult you admire in your church who will mentor you

v     Write up your salvation testimony including scripture

v     Go on a month-long missions experience with only one or two others

v     Report back to your prayer & financial support base what you learned

v     Determine what your spiritual gifts are and begin to develop them

v     Talk to your youth pastor/senior pastor regarding what God is doing in your life

v     Learn about different countries in the world through school projects or just surfing the internet

v     Select two or three countries and begin praying for the needs of people (Check out Operation world for more specific information)

v     Attend college to sharpen your ministry tools ? teaching, preaching, aviation, music, leadership, service, drama, writing, computer, etc.

v     Gain an overview of the timeline of the Bible through Christian college or Bible Institute in your church

v     Study theology so you have a basic grasp of the ten domains

v     Learn how to do inductive Bible study for yourself

v     Research mission boards to determine if your theology meshes with theirs

v     Develop a missionary focused prayer life including specific people that you know serve in those places

v     Pray for five unsaved friends or relatives daily until something happens (PUSH ? pray until something happens)

v     Graduate college with as few loans as possible since financial debt will delay your freedom to serve full-time

v     Meet with your pastor updating him on your progress and desires

v     Interact with a mission board mobilizer via email, and face-to-face contacts when he or she is at SMCC

v     Meet with the missions board/committee at your church and share your dreams, desires, passions about serving God

v     Complete an application for your church

v     Complete an on-line missions application

v     Cooperate with your pastor in contacting a particular missionary to discover if they are willing for you to come for an extended term

v     Define your intended ministry contribution to the field you desire to visit

v     Write a support letter explaining your reasons for considering missions, the present open door, and your needs to be able to serve there

v     Send out a support letter to family, friends, and your church

v     Track your progress towards funds & prayer warriors needed

v     Prepare yourself for an extended time overseas by packing, purchasing necessary materials & supplies

v     Purchase a plane ticket




My goal was to list baby steps so that youth were feeling like they were making progress towards the ultimate goal of serving long-term in missions. Which step are you on?


Dr. Cheryl Fawcett, October 13, 2005