Brazil a land of open opportunities

I forgot to get a Visa for Brazil and was not allowed on the plane. How silly I felt that I did not get that Visa but after driving to Los Angeles CA the next day and making arrangements to get my visa by mail I relaxed and enjoyed my trip to Brazil when it came true the next week.
Erin Wawro had made plans with several schools to have the entire hour of physical education class to work with the kids to teach them how to play cooperatively. We had a great time playing with the students each day that we got to do that. I also got to give a two-day young adult retreat to young adults from the church that is forming in Ivoti. We had a good time of playing cooperative games and learning to trust each other. We played Trust Fall,
Moving through a net, and lots of other games to teach trust and how to depend on each other. I gave my testimony of cancer freedom for 18 years at a ladies tea that was held in Ivoti on a Saturday to over 250 women. They listened with a lot of focus.
I gave a workshop for lead-ers of junior high youth in Fetoria too. I presented a workshop for leaders that night as well. We had a good time.
In a little time off we went to the mountains and to the ocean to be able to explore the sights and the food that they had there. It was a profound time of sharing with the Brazilians and learning about their walk with God in a very beautiful place. There was much emphasis on the worship of symbols like that of the God of the grapes. I am so glad that I am free to worship the True God! He is indeed the God of the Truth!

Erin Wawro, a Cedarville graduate, was my hostess in the land of Brazil. She is presently enjoying the house of the Southwells who are in the USA for a bit of home assignment. She was very welcom-ing with her space and her food. I enjoyed my time with her very much.

 Be diligent at home choreshome with chores
 Relax & get caught up on home assignmentshome assignments
 Great travel to Brazil
 Had many posi-tive contacts with public schools & doing Public school game timesgame times