Chile Fast Facts

Size of country: 2,600 miles long, 93 miles wide,  close to               4,000 miles coastline
            (Compare CA 770 miles long, 250 miles wide)

Climate: Atacama Desert in North to

                      Antarctic tundra in South

Population: 17 million   Santiago: 5.2 million                              Urbanites: 86%

Economics: 30% live in poverty, unemployment 13%                    Literacy: 95%

Religion: 70% Roman Catholic 15% Evangelical

Missionaries to Chile: 630 from 22 countries, 61% from USA

Missionaries from Chile: 233 going to 27 countries


The driest desert on earth... it never rains here - never ever. It is also massive - 966 km (600 mi) between the Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. It is created by the rain shadow of the Andes east of the desert. Its area is 181,300 square kilometers (70,000 miČ. It is made up of salt basins (salares), sand and lava flows, and is more than 20 million years old and 50 times more arid than California's Death Valley.


Flag of the city of Santiago where 30% of the country's population lives. In the midst of Chile's central fertile valley lie the cities of Santiago and Valparaiso where two-thirds of Chile's population lives. ABWE presently focuses its activity in Santiago, the country's large and bustling capital. The Baptist Bible Institute and Seminary trains Chilean believers for leadership positions in national churches. ABWE missionaries serve on teams with Chilean Christians, and twenty-four churches have resulted from their joint efforts.

ABWE entered Chile in 1953 and primarily does Church planting, Bible correspondence courses, theological and MK education.