Colombia a country with many opportunities

In September I traveled to Bogotá, Colombia for an extended visit with Nathan & Lindsey Breyer & Heidi Gott. They all showed me a great time of both the churches in Bogotá and the surrounding area. We visited over nine churches inside the Bogota city limits and the near suburbs. The people fit everywhere from social settings 6 to 0. I presented a workshop in each of the settings that should help them in presenting the lessons of the Bible to children & youth. The government helps out citizens who are in the lower social settings. We took rides in taxi’s and on local buses to each church. Heidi served as my guide on these trips. It was a special time to get reacquainted with her again after time together in class in 2005. We enjoyed our time together each day. There is much Roman Catholic religion in the area Say for instance the stations of the cross at Chapel Zipaquirá. Once I got home I got this message from Heidi, “Even Daniel [her husband] was surprised with the good results. The class lasted about an hour and a half, and the kids didn't even realize it, and you know how kids that age are. Please, let the prof know. And, thanks again. May God bless the sister's work."  I am so glad that I got to do teacher training there. It was a great trip and they want me to come back in a year to do some more training.


Isaiah & Jeremiah Breyer were great hosts to me as I traveled to Bogotá last month. They shared their Legos and time around the table with me each day. We had a great time getting acquainted with them & their love of the country. Here they are in a maze trying to get out. This is near to a chapel under the ground that is made up of a salt mine. Isaiah made a decision to receive Jesus as his Savior the next week.