England both new & old...


Great Britain is the land of so many heroes of the Christian faith. While there I visited the grave cite of John Newton the writer of the well known hymn Amazing Grace. It is pictured on the back of this letter. It is amazing how the work continues on there. There are 3% of the population that attend a church on a given week. The Brits are rich in heritage for sure. But the younger generations do not know much about God.
My host & hostess for my time in England was Cliff & Alison Reynolds who arrived one year & a couple of months ago & are doing marvelously in their new surroundings. They showed me life in England countryside like pros. Their ministries were so many even with a five week old newborn added to the three small children that they already have. Alison uses her home as a place to do ministry. Nearly every day that I was with them a lady came over to the house for a cup of English tea & a biscuit (a cookie). They were quite the age spread of ages from university interns to those in their older ages. Cliff is giving leadership to the youth team & there church has quite a few of them which is delightful. Flitwick Baptist Church has nearly 200 in its membership. The children & youth need supervision & guidance to reach the teens that they already have contact with from the community. I participated in Mums & tots, Olympians for children , Explore & Squash & Lounge for teens, ladies craft night & more. It was a great introduction to the ministry of England. Much good stuff is going on there. But there are many cit-ies in England that do not have such a place for teens or children. So Cliff & Alison are learning their lessons well so that they are prepared when they move on to the next assignment.
Half way through my time in England I transitioned to a group of Cedarviille graduates & the unique min-istry that they are working on in Bices-ter. Darrin & Joy Stevens are giving the leadership to Reign Ministries. They are following the philosophy of The Crowded House ministries. On Tues-days they meet with teens in a coffee shop that is in town to play games, talk, & drink coffee. For the most part the younger generation in England is very hostile to the gospel. It was crazy but effective. Sarah & Steve Caton were my hosts here & showed me a good time—we went to Oxford University & experienced so much of what that city had to offer. We participated in lunch community at a community college (a middle school), an afterschool club that tells the story of Jesus, & met with high schoolers & young adults who were serious about Jesus. It was quite inter-esting. There is much work to do.