Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

#1 Where will you live when you are finished prefield ministry?
In El Cajon, CA where I can continue to minister to high school & college students regarding missions. My home is the perfect place to recover from international travel & prepare to go again.

#2 Which country will be the focus of your teaching ministry?
My teaching ministry will be shared with many countries where I am invited by ABWE missionaries & nationals. That is the genius of 4:12 Generation ? serving in many places through educational ministry, equipping nationals to reach their country?s youth for Christ.

#3 Do you anticipate making more than one trip to a country?
Yes, return trips have in my experience yielded more fruit. It is helpful to build on past relationships & ministry opportunities together. A second, third, or fourth trip to the same group of lay youth leaders allows us to continue on where we left off the last time.

#4 How many students or youth workers do you anticipate being part of any given trip?
4:12 Generation's style of ministry, smaller is better. My goal is to invest deeply into the lives of a few that are serious about ministry & seeking to know God?s direction in their lives for extended short-term or career missions experience. My goal is to be a mission?s mobilizer not a tour guide.

#5 I want to join the financial support team.
How much is enough money to participate?
Jesus said that the widow that gave her two mites gave a significant gift. Giving is about the heart & attitude of the giver, not the dollar amount. My support team includes children who send me a dollar every couple months. I have a monthly supporter who is 14 and sends $5 a month. I have adults who give $10 monthly. There are others giving $20, $40, $50, $138 (doesn?t that make you smile?), all the way to $400. All of those gifts combine to satisfy my monthly needs for housing, food, travel, teaching materials, etc.

#6 Do you miss teaching in a college setting?
Yes, I miss it every day. At the same time, I am convinced that God has called me to this new ministry. I miss the daily interaction with those that are seeking to know & do God?s will for their lives. However, I do have periodic opportunities to teach collegians as a guest lecturer in their college classroom or their local church.

#7How is your health?
Great news! I have been cancer free for fourteen years (1996?2010)! Praise God for great doctors in CA, better medications with fewer side effects, & a moderate 74 degree temperature year round. While my new ministry requires extensive travel, I have more control of my daily schedule. I have learned my boundaries & can thus work within my limits.