Getting ready...

 Much of ministry is daily stuff. These past few weeks have been filled with daily faithfulness & diligence, preparation, & giving of report to several teams that hold the rope for me when I am involved in overseas ministry.

             So, it?s working hard & keeping up with everyday stuff like planning workshops, getting ready for reports, giving updates and lots of others things.

This week I sent some time with the Juniors at Christian High getting ready for the Unity Day next month. We played some games for the day and then talked about those games in terms of them. What a great group of leaders! The group was very centered on others & providing the kind of leadership that their classmates will need moving into a new year. We had a great time together as we got ready for the coming event. 

Thanks for praying for me during these exciting days of getting ready! I hope you are getting ready for the ministry that God has for you to do in the days ahead. And thanks for praying for me during these vital days of giving a report at home! Much will be accomplished in the coming days. Details are given on the back for the coming months...




It will take parts of two days to make it all the way to Ukraine but it will be worth it. The better part of two days flying from San Diego to Washington DC, then on to Vienna and finally to Kharkov. From that point I board a bus and take a three hour bus ride to Sumy Ukraine.

             Sara Wade will greet me on my arrival in Sumy. She is a former student at Christian Heritage College from San Diego & is supported by my sending church.  It will be a blessing to catch up with her and find out her ministry regime. I will enjoy her company.

             From Sumy, I will return to Kharkov to teach a three unit course on ministry in the church. Several years ago I taught another course here & enjoyed the students very much. They are delightful  in their quest for learning. The national pastor Sasha is a wonderful partner in ministry. The Ferrari?s serve here in a very productive way. Lessons here will be taught in Russian through a translator, so pray for like mindedness in communication. It will be spring in Ukraine & that means sunlight & sun for many hours a day!




Coming ministry attractions


23-24 Thirty-hour famine report, CA

25-27 ETA Board  Meeting, Chicago, IL

30?May 3 River Trip, Blythe,  CA


4,11 CHS leadership briefing, El Cajon, CA

8 Igelisa Hispania Teacher Training, El Cajon, CA

10 Joyce?s Bible Study, El Cajon, CA

12 San Marcos Christian School  Chapel

!4 Christian High School Unity Day, El Cajon, CA

16-31 Ukraine Teaching in Kharkov & Sumy