Learning is like a puzzle...

Pastor Sasha & Bepa assembling a puzzle... Pastor Sasha & Bepa assembling a puzzle...

               Small pieces everywhere! What are we to do with them? Good question. See if they fit into something bigger? Thus began a learning activity in the classroom of Kharkov Ukraine. Learning is like a puzzle. It fits & if everyone participates it is a lot more fun! 

             Six full days were spent in training the Ukrainians to be teachers of children. We did a lot of learning in groups, so much in learning activities, & I got to know them a lot more in a

holiday picnic which drew them together in the open area park near the church. We heard stories of those who were prisoners for their faith.  What a great reminder that all of us have not suffered yet for what we believe.

Pastor Sasha, in the purple shirt, & his wife Bepa, in the pink, were amazing students in this process along with all the other students. They invited me back which is a great blessing to me!

Their church is bursting the seams & growing each week with believers & candidates for baptism!  How much fun to be a blessing to them as they labor to grow their church. The Ferrari?s were a blessing too as we traveled back & forth & shared together

VISION members prepare section for a new church VISION members prepare section for a new church         In the off times I got to see the team from San Diego Christian College in ministry in Kharkov as they provided labor to put up the basics for a new church building in addition to the many concerts & activities that they did in area churches & orphanages.

Go team! It was a joy to reconnect with them. .


Sara Wade and I in Sumy, Ukraine Sara Wade and I in Sumy, Ukraine

        I also got to visit with Sara Wade & Jayne Russell who both serve in Ukraine. I rode a two & a half hour van across the countryside  to Sumy. Sara is involved with a camp ministry & a Junior High equipping ministry, in addition to an English Club. Jayne is heavily involved in teaching women?s & children?s ministry in a Bible university. What a privilege to see both of them serving the Lord there!

             I also got to visit with a family  that live in Kharkov that were visiting my supporting church in Pittsburgh last year. How interesting that this family would now be resident in Kharkov! It was fun to meet them for a Sunday evening meal and walk through the park. We got to  see so many of the city residents hanging at the park and enjoying the good weather.

Oh yes, we got to get an ice cream cone at McDonalds!