Plan your own Youth training event

Glenn Budd & Mountain Pastors, Peru Glenn Budd & Mountain Pastors, Peru


Here are some helpful guidelines for planning a conference at your location. Thanks to Glenn & Dorothy Budd for their planner excellent hosting!


Step #1: Discuss with your field team & national pastors what your needs are and determine your objectives for holding a youth ministry teaching time.


Step #2: Select available seminars from the booklet that will best meet those needs.


Step #3: Work with Dr. Fawcett to coordinate dates for your events.


Step #4: Determine the best days and times for your audience of volunteer youth leaders.

Step #5: Consider hosting a citywide youth event at some time during the training to implement what was learned in the seminars. And to build bridges between smaller youth groups.


Step #6: Determine the best location for the training times. Hopefully central to all potential attendees.


Step #7:Prepare a poster advertising the event to circulate among fellowshipping churches


Step #8: Enlist the participation of national pastors in a variety of task groups including meeting introductions, prayers, and closings for each day?s sessions; translation team for preparing power points and handouts & session translation; decoration of the meeting place; technical  support team; snacks; music and musicians; registration, fee collection if any & welcoming; set up and clean up.


Step #9: Remind each participant of their role & its importance. Make phone calls to various churches as a reminder when the conference is approaching.


Step 10: Prepare conference folders for each attendee including a pen, all handouts, and notices of upcoming local events in ministry.


Step #11: Prepare a conference certificate for attendees with faithful participation, include signatures of hosting missionaries, guest teacher, date. Do this on nice quality paper so it can be framed.




Previous teaching sites    

Capetown, South Africa-CMI Youth Min. Phil. 2001                                

Romania, Carensebes Bible Institute 2001, 2003, 2005, 2007

Bucharest, Turnaveni, Tulcea, Romania 2008

Lisboa, Portugal -  Seminar Public School English teachers on youth culture 2004

Kazakhstan - Christian Ed Seminars- SEND Int.-AWANA workers

Kharkov, Kiev, Odessa Ukraine-CMI                      Principles & Methods of Bible teaching 2008

Chiclayo, Peru- Conference Youth Min. 2006, 2008

Arequipa, Peru-Conference Youth Ministry 2008

Porto Alegre, Brasil - Youth Min. Seminars 2008