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?II Conferencia de Vision For Youth International? declared the conference packet handed out to 90 individuals attending from 13 churches in the coastal city of Chiclayo, Peru in early March. My third visit to this city of over 300,000 youth under age 20, continues to increase my passion to help equip future youth leaders here.

National pastors volunteered & decorated our meeting room, gave opening remarks, invited potential leaders from their congregations, & eagerly attended our two-day event. Missionaries translated, served meals & snacks, set up tech support, advertized, & generally prepared the place & the people for a profitable time. Thanks Budds & Farley?s, including MK, Hannah, my friend.

Pastors & young adult leaders traveled from the Andes mountain city of Ingenio & a neighboring city, eleven and fourteen hours one-way to participate & learn new ways of playing with students to encourage team spirit, unity, & cooperation among their jovenas or youth. I was so humbled that Pastors Edgar & Rodrigo spent so much effort & time to join our seminars.

Friday night, our topic was ?Avoiding boredom & guarantee interest? when teaching the Bible. We drew lessons from the teaching of Jesus. No on fell asleep. (=

Saturday we reconvened with a game demonstration in which each game could be used to teach a spiritual lesson. We laughed, learned, made new friends, & gained new ways to play redeemptively in our student ministries. 116 attended the evening city-wide youth event.


Tim from Santiago Christian Academy Tim from Santiago Christian Academy


What do you get when you mix the following: Twenty-one MK?s, three young adult teachers, two administrator missionary adults, time off from classes, great homemade food, time in Proverbs, unhurried worship, skits, & games that build everyone up?

You get a semester beginning retreat that leaves everyone rejoicing in their newfound friends both human & divine!

Santiago Christian Academy has some very godly young people. I loved my time with them, playing together, singing together, digging into scripture together. Tim Mitchell shared, ?...I just wanted to thank you for coming down & just being with us. I have already been able to bless others by the talks you gave... Thank you also for encouraging me. I really appreciate all that you did for us...I hope we can stay in contact.?

Amen Tim, I want to do exactly that!





Is a city of 1 million, so 500,000 youth that need Jesus. God blessed so much. We had over 50 the first day for our seminars! That kind of training was a first there. They loved the topics, interacted and loved playing a few simple games. We went from 2:20 - 5:30 PM. God was so obviously evident & working!!! My spirit was as high at Misti, the dormant volcano, that dominates the landscape there.

Tuesday, we had more seminars, then game demonstration time & then a city-wide youth event that night. Over 100 attended, laughed, played, met new friends, scaled over economic barriers that tend to separate. The Douglas?, Woodards, & Karr?s stepped out not knowing what the response would be but God has done something excellent here because of their faith.


Wednesday we concluded our seminars with a healthy attendance again. Please were appreciative for the lessons, making specific & immediate application to their ministry settings. And asking for more?AMEN.


Zack Karr, MK, translated for me and did a wonderful job! I  really grew to respect & love him. He is already a youth leader in his church at age 17! He used the raccoon circle games in his youth group on that very evening. Talk about using what you learn!