Strategic Plan

Strategy 4:12 Generation


I.               Raise awareness of need for youth workers globally

 1. Present in churches nationwide

        2.Present at college missions conferences
        3. Present in college/seminary classrooms the need for international        youth workers

        4. Write missional articles for each VFY magazine

        5.Provide leadership for ABWE?s Youth Ministry Consultation
        6. Participate in mission trips with
Shadow Mountain Community Church youth group to inner-city, Utah Mormon mission trip, & when possible international trips
  1. Participate in Vision For Youth international trips

 II.          Identify exemplar ABWE youth ministry practices


  1. Identify & visit in each ABWE region key ABWE youth workers
  2. Identify & visit in each region key national partners in youth ministry
  3. Launch regional youth worker gatherings to share resources & ideas
  4. Assist Horizon International Schools in developing a core youth ministry curriculum
  5. Assist in the recruiting qualified professors for youth ministry courses
  6. Teach youth ministry philosophy, principles of effective Bible teaching, inductive Bible study method, methods of effective Bible teaching, leadership for ministry, & women?s ministry in international venues as invited & as schedule permits



I.               Explore needs of ABWE missionaries & help plan regional youth worker consultations/training events


1.        Western Europe ? Jack Shiflett - 2010

2.       Sub-Saharan Africa ? Ron Washer - 2011

3.       Southeast Asia ? Jim Long - 2011

4.       Pacific Rim/Australia ? Kent Craig - 2010

5.       Central America ? Rich Davis

6.      China ? Po Wan Yeung 

7.     USA ? Norm Nicholas


IV.         Assist churches in preparing effective youth ministry mission experiences


1.         Work with Mobilization to provide input for annual trips for high school students

2.       Work with Mobilization to provide input for annual trips for collegians

3.       Work with Mobilization to participate in pre-trip training (i.e. Boot Camp)

4.       Work with Mobilization to provide input for post trip debriefing

5.       Explore launching youth web site for students and youth workers interested in missions

6.       Meet bimonthly with high school & college students interested in missions in El Cajon, CA to challenge, equip, & teach


V.  Publish materials to assist in youth worker training


1. Exemplar practices & principles globally by region

2. Exemplar experiential games/initiatives

3. Prepare CEIM course to facilitate youth ministries globally

4. Develop equipping seminars for lay youth volunteers globally


Cheryl Fawcett, ABWE - December 2009