Teach it like it is!

 City of a million! Youth population of more than half a million! That?s a lot of youth to reach for Christ. City market with thousands of individuals, hundreds of shops, & many unique foods & crafts. Busy streets crammed full of taxis & many people on their way to somewhere. Lots of things known to North Americans and lot of
things not known to us are for sale in the grocery store. We saw a line of frog bodies! We saw lots of vegetables.

Into this setting, I presented seminars on how to reach your youth for Christ. We talked about how to reach them with games, crafts, drama, athletically, musically, day camps, relationally & in other ways. We talked about how to begin that ministry & how to continue that ministry. We talked about how to end the ministry & prayed that would never take place. In another seminar we talked together about how to put together the ?big picture? of ministry. We also covered the age level characteristics of youth. On Saturday, we had an open round of Q&A before we presented lots of games for youth. We had a great game time & a devotional on trust.

Nancy & Brian Walters also assisted by presenting workshops for women & men. My able assistant was Rachel Freeze, from Lima Peru, who serves with ABWE there in a Christian School for Peruvians. She presented a look at the process of discipleship for children as well.


 Building a book case, a doorway, giving a testimony, holding a child, visiting a church member that needs surgery, sweeping a floor are all good ways to build a church. These are all great ways that the Walters aided my time in Peru. Brian & Nancy were so very suited for ministry in Peru! They served in every way possible. They loved the missionary kids like they were they own grandparents! They were a real blessing to have along.

Along the way home, I stopped in Chiclayo Peru to visit with Glenn & Dorothy Budd from my church in CA. What a delight to join in their service from morning
till night. They were serving in discipleship on Tuesday evening at the Crisis Pregnancy Center & getting ready for a teen group coming from NY for Easter. What a super blessing to walk next to them as they serve the Lord God in Peru!


 Coming ministry attractions

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