Teen2teen launched

During the New Hope Berlin outreach of Vision for Youth International, Teen2teen was piloted. Four of the seven participating churches expressed interest in joining the new initiative to give one dollar a month to Dr. Cheryl Fawcett. The dollars will be gathered in each of the youth groups monthly & forwarded to ABWE to assist in monthly support.

Cheryl was very excited about the positive response from teens. Many shared that they were wanting to make a difference globally but didn't know how they could do so. This new program calls young people to give faithfully and consistently to help establish and strength youth groups around the ABWE world.

Later this summer, in July at Teen Leadership Conference on the campus of Baptist Bible College of PA, additional church youth groups expressed their intention to join the Teen2teen program either individually or as a group.

As of May 25, 2007 four churches are participating in VFY Int. Several others are coming on-line. Want to be part of this exciting adventure? Click on the "How to join the team?" and get going right now.