The Promises of God...

           The promises of God are rich, full, sweet, & encouraging even when the news is not the best! That is the topic we focused on in July as 500 some veterans & newbie's gathered in Harrisburg PA for our annual conference. What a grand time!
           I had a great time connecting with many of my colleagues with ABWE in sharing the ministry that God has given to me & planning the next couple of months of ministry to their venues. What a promise of God to be able to walk on their turf & teach them how to reach THIS generation for Christ. Plans are underway for ministry
in Ghana, Nicaragua, Romania, Chile, Portugal, & many more! Can?t wait to see what God will do as we wait on Him for the future of 4:12 Generation. This is the generation to be central in the next for reaching many for Christ!


 Gospel Life School of Church Ministry Our last course, Christian Training of Children (with Dr. Cheryl Fawcett), used lecture and various learning activities to provide 25 of our students with an understanding of children at various levels of development.
It is always exciting to see students applying what they have learned. A month following this course, several of the students were involved in one of our church?s summer outreaches in Russia. It was an encouragement to hear from students how this course had prepared them for their ministry in June in a church camp not far from Moscow. Rick Ferrari?ABWE Ukraine


USA Youth send Romanians to camp!

 Last summer I mentioned at camp in IN that it costs only $5 a day for youth to attend camp in Romania. Many don?t go because they don?t have the funds. One
girl was listening & this spring asked about that? hear what she said. ?My youth group succeeded in raising $267 for Romanian teens! Just thought you'd want to
know? We took a special offering every week in youth group. An adult from church said they'd match us up to $90, so it became our goal to give at least that much! I just got back from a week of camp at TLC (Twin Lakes Camp), so that makes it even sweeter! ? Lindsay Schuiteman


 The Prize: Chasing the Dream
This is the story of six football players from all over the world that have followed the ball to the ultimate prize?a new life in Christ. It is put together by Athletes in Action, the Ultimate Goal, a 4: minute media. Great to show after the World Cup at a soccer outreach, a youth event, etc. It is available with ten different languages! How cool is that for those of you that are international! Get one at Campus Crusade?s home page.