Twin Lakes Camp prepares teens

  There is always a need for future missionaries for our Lord. Twin Lakes Camp prepares them for that possibility with lots of opportunities to learn about missions & to talk with a missionary during the course of a week.
It was very exciting to spend the week of June 20-25 at Twin Lakes Camp as the featured missionary for the week. We learned about part of the 6 ways to reach God’s world. The subtopics for the week were “learn” about missions, “pray” for missionaries, to “welcome” missionaries into our fellowship. We spent a lot of time talking about how to be a home team that encourages missionaries in their work. It was very gratifying to be able to spend the time talking about how to be a source of encouragement for missionaries. We spent time talking about the 263 ways we could get to know about the Lord and His work in the world today. Some of those ways are very exciting. Take a look at the web cite:
Many teens promised to get involved in missions by learning about missions by reading Patrick Johnson’s Operation World. Others promised to get involved in helping missionaries get settled back into the home circumstances. Some thought about learning about a sport that is a favorite in another country. Some decided to listen to and play music from other cultures. Many considered going to an ethnic restaurant and enjoying food from other cultures. Some considered cooking food from other cultures. We looked at an interesting source online at which showed us each nation by type of language that they speak and which religion they follow. Check it out!
On Friday we checked out the topic of people being hungry for bread under the topic of Stacked, Hungry & Pressured. We looked at Jesus claim that “He is the bread of life” in John’s gospel. We talked about stories from Peru, Mexico, & Romania. The United Nations recommends that the average adult person have 2350 calories a day & those nations each fall under that limit while the USA has 3700 calories a day. Wow, we sure do get our allotment. Wish it were the same for those other countries.