Who's on your team?

LaDainian Tomlinson my favorite San Diego Charger LaDainian Tomlinson my favorite San Diego Charger

             The San Diego Chargers are having a better than average season, currently winning most of their games. My favorite is LaDainian Tomlinson, LT, our running back and receiver who each week breaks all-time records. What I really like about LT is his testimony on and off the field! He lives a good word for Jesus by his work ethic, his humble spirit, his team attitude, and his many community service projects. Go LT!

             Building a missions team requires similar resource people and organizations. It takes a lot of people each giving what they are best at to make my missions ministry effective. Some give financially, thousands pray each month, some provide meals, others rides to and from the airport, others express interest when I ride with them on the church shuttle bus each Sunday I am home. Many email or facebook me with a note of encouragement to keep on going.

            Currently on my team are 83 individuals from age 16 to early 80?s! Those individuals give from $5 to $147.50 a month to make up over 60% of my monthly financial resources.  In addition to my sending church, Shadow Mountain, I have 8  churches & one organization contributing monthly in amounts from $50 a month to my sending church?s $500 a month. I have five youth groups giving from $5 to $12 a month?each teen giving a dollar to that sum. In addition to those monthly committed giving partners are nearly 200 periodic givers who give to a special need, personal Christmas gift, my birthday or some other special need, overnight housing, a meal, a ride to or from someplace I need to go. There are others, like Dawna, who prepares my monthly snail mailings. Dr. Chris keeps my bones in great alignment for optimum health. Linda provides excellent lymphadema therapy when I am home to keep my circulation going properly. Jenine is my go-to airport departure specialist! Ruth picks up my mail & often me when I return home. Pat & Candy provided cat care during prefield & my first several years of international travel. My Ladies Bible study provides new clothes, travel size toothpaste, & more! I am blessed with a championship team. Would you bring to the team? You are more than welcome.

Adult daughters of Nat & Sylvia Thomas Adult daughters of Nat & Sylvia Thomas

        Summer is full with ministry at camps & in international settings, so vacation time for me the past couple years has come in fall when traveling slows a bit. This year, my missionary friends and coworkers from Romania the Nat Thomas family provided housing so I could explore the Oregon Coast and enjoy some down time. Their rural home in Monmouth Oregon about 40 minutes from Salem was the ideal get away. Their four adult daughters pictured right are each making a significant investment in their world be it nursing, teaching language arts in middle school, studying premed, or serving as junior high youth leader while job hunting. I loved the time of hot tea, games, conversation, shared meals, and planning the next coastal adventure in between rain drops. Yaquina Lighthouse, Driftwood Beach, Cannon Beach, Lands End, Hug Point, and many more spots provided fresh vistas of sea, sand, & sky?albeit grey sky for the most part. Still it was beach and time away from my normal fare. Thanks Thomas?s!